We love to catch pictures of racing events and race car drivers in action. Some of the images that can be captured can be pretty thrilling to say the least. Take sprint cars for example some of the best action can be caught on the final lap of a race at any local dirt tracks feature race.


There are several different types of racing out there and this can be a great start for anyone looking to get into photography. Catching a high speed car in action will help you learn how to take action shots that will help gain fans attention to your work. You might even sell a few of your photos to diehard fans or even a few of the drivers may have some interest in your work.

Motorcycle or motocross is normally a great place to catch a lot of action, these high flying speedsters always put on a great show that everyone enjoys watching. Catching them in action can be a little tricky but well worth it if you can pull it off. Just be ready because you never know when something big will happen and not being ready can make you miss the best shot of the day.

Nascar is another great event that you can catch some of the best action in motorsports but you better be ready be cause these cars are traveling at speeds of 200 mph on some tracks.

I personally enjoy taking photos of the local circle tracks and drag racing tracks. Most of these racers are very humble and will let you snap a few pics of these local superstars. Gaining a name for yourself can be a lot easier in the local race track scene as compared to the nascar scene.

Most of the local racers at these tracks are very aggressive and can really give the crowd a great show for the money. These guys spend their lives weekend racing and spend a lot of their money buying racing parts to please their fans. So supporting them makes me feel pretty good.

Be sure to protect your engine with the proper lubricants, using the proper racing oil in your engine can help boost performance.

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